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Wind surfing on St. Martin
Of all the water-based board sports, wind surfing, which harnesses the power of the wind to push you across the water, is surely one of the most exhilarating and most physically demanding. From first-timers to experienced funboarders, the eastern coast of the island, which is exposed to the trade winds, offers year-round fun in relatively sheltered surroundings.
Average winds are between force 3 and force 4.

windsurfing spots
• Orient Bay
Orient Bay Beach is over 3km long and is one of the most versatile sites in the Caribbean, and is adequate for many different activities.
• Le Galion
A favorite surf spot, Le Galion is also popular with wind surfers.
• Nettle Bay
Baie Nettlé or Nettle Bay is a long bay on the Caribbean coast.

Surfing on St. Martin
Of all the board sports, surfing demands a special effort from Mother Nature herself. This interaction with the immense power of the waves gives surfers a “philosophy” that is entirely unique to them. These spots are also suitable for body boarders and fearless wind surfers.
St. Martin has a number of well-known surf spots. When the swell picks up, the surfers gather around these spots, awaiting the right conditions to ride the waves.

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Caribbean Paddling
Embarcadere de Pinel
Cul-de-Sac,  Saint Martin

(+59) 0690 22 03 22

140, boulevard de Grand Case - 97150 SAINT-MARTIN
Téléphones: +590 690 661 402  l +590 690 283 354

St-Martin - Water sports

  • Galion Beach St Martin FWI
  • Phone: +590 690 486 570



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