On Sint.Maarten – Saint Martin

Among all of what our beautiful friendly island has to offer, its beaches are certainly part of what makes St. Maarten a unique, special gem in the Caribbean. Over thirty five gorgeous beaches on 37 square miles of territory, all of them spreading over beautiful coastline neighborhoods of both the French and Dutch sides of the island.
From Cupecoy on the west up to Dawn beach at the east, St. Maarten/St. Martin features almost one beach per mile for all kinds of visitors: family-oriented, some recommended for babies, and some others full of action sports and adventure. Their white sandy grounds with turquoise waters make them also perfect for just for relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous panoramic views and sunsets; while others prefer to be captivated by their romantic aura. All our beaches have their unique local touch, some of which also have restaurants and souvenir shops. Get ready to go and explore your favorite ones !

Plum Bay

Plum Bay

​This bay is known as a really relaxing beach on the island. It is very quiet, so you could just enjoy the calm waters and the white sand. ​


Baie Longue is the also known as the beach for the rich and famous. On this beach is the most exclusive 5 star hotel placed, called The Hotel La Samanna.


Baie Rouge is known as a quiet, fabulous and intimate beach. On days with higher waves, it could be a bit difficult to get into the water, because the sand does not cover the rocks as you walk into the sea.


Cupecoy Beach

​Cupecoy beach is a small beach with a lot of rock formations and caves. Clothing at this beach is optional. The water is pretty rough, but the rocks block the wind. ​

Dawn Beach


​Fine and golden sand, stately coconut trees, crystal clear waters and a supernal and peaceful view… ​


Stretching for two miles in front of the Dutch side capital, Philipsburg, a myriad of cruise ships sail into her harbour daily.

Happy Bay

Happy Bay

​This beach is almost undiscovered and still really unknown. A reason for this could be that it is not easily accessible. ​​


Ilet Pinel is a tiny island facing Saint Martin. It looks like a tropical paradise, because there are many beautiful beaches.


Le Galion

​Le Galion has as nickname ‘Baby Beach’, because it is a great beach for children. You can wade 20 or 30 yards into the water and your bath trunks are still not wet. ​

Maho Beach

Maho Beach is famous for the airplanes gliding in and landing just a few yards above your head.


Mullet Bay

​Mullet bay is a very large white sand beach, the nice waves makes it the ideal place for surfing. ​

Orient Bay

Orient Bay is a beach on the east side of the island of Sint Maarten. The beach is well known on the island for having lots of activities and nice restaurants that attract all sorts of tourists.

Simpson bay

Simpson Bay

​Simpson Bay is a large and lovely white sand beach. This beach is very long and wide, about over 1 mile and the water is quiet and calm most of the time.​

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