St. Maarten • St Martin


Not only blessed by its location and the kindness of its people, our small yet naturally impressive island has also been lavishly provided by Mother Nature with a mix of coastal, aquatic, and mountain sets. This mélange of tropical beauty gathers together under the Caribbean sunny skies to become the perfect scenario for the greatest adventures that will let you take home the best souvenir ever: great memories of fun, adrenaline, action and quality time with yourself, your friends and loved ones!

There are multiple options for all kinds of visitors: from family oriented experiences to spend some quality time, to action-packed, water-splashing activities for adrenaline addicts and sports lovers; close encounters with nature and St. Maarten’s magical flora & fauna (including underwater sightseeing!); up to world-class, expert sailing on Caribbean waters.

Here is all what you need to know to choose the activities that fit you best and make the most of your time on St. Maarten/St. Martin!


Hiking is another great way to discover the island paradise of St Martin and return home with some great memories.
Local guides have compiled this list of 17 walking trails around the island.


If you want to explore the Caribbean Sea with the freedom to decide where ever you want to go, you can choose for several fun water sports on St. Maarten.


Explore the beautiful nature and beaches on a horseback, while you ride under guidance of professional staff members from the Seaside Nature Park. Experience with horseback riding is not necessary and there are different tours to choose.


Explore the beautiful underwater world of St. Maarten while you walk on the bottom of the sea. At the Sea Trek you will be able to experience all kinds of marine life, sunken shipwrecks, canons, a submarine and lots of colourful coral; all by just walking around!


The Loterie Farm is a nature reserve and perfect for all those who love to be outdoors. In addition the Loterie Farm serves the thrill seekers with its own Zip lining track.


St. Maarten has lots of astonishing coral, reefs, rock formations and marine life to discover. In addition, explore ship wrecks, canyons and lava tubes and take a dive with turtles and all kinds of fish.