Sole e Luna in the heart of the Caribbean

In an elegant, intimate, romantic setting in the heart of the Caribbean Sol e Luna invites you to a unique culinary experience.
Once crossed the gate, you feel the softness and tranquility of this Creole house with refined decoration inspired by the warmth and authenticity of Provence, all nestled in the heart of a tropical garden with lush vegetation.

In this quiet and refined ambiance you can relax and taste the cocktail of the house “Royal Mojito”.

The chefs offer new flavors, delicate and fine cuisine, both imaginative and innovative only in commodity costs and Pipe Fish (caught by us) in respect of the French gastronomic tradition.
For lunch in a friendly atmosphere, these passionate reinvent daily “La Table du Midi” (choice of a starter, a main course and a dessert).
For a romantic evening rocked by the sound of soft music, lights candles, they invite you to dinner a la carte, always taking care to sublimate the freshness of our products.
You will be advised with elegance and simplicity to create the perfect match with your dishes based on a selection of preferred wines made with care and passion.
Use this time to enjoy our wine cellar.
To complete this journey of taste we will be happy to advise you digestive and cigars can be enjoyed in one of our 4 rooms.
The Sol e Luna is an invitation to the delight of the senses, a privileged discreet but essential charm

Take advantage of this moment to admire the references of our wine cellar.

Appetizer & Pasta

Horaires de services : 11:00-14h - 18:00-23h
  • salade mesclun sol e luna
    Salade de Mesclun, huile d'olive, balsamique et parmesan frais, tomate cerises / Baby springs salad with olive oil, balsamic and shaved parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes.
  • Bisque de Langouste sol e luna
    Bisque de Langouste en croûte d'amande. Lobster bisque topped with almonds puff pastry
    Bisque de Langouste
  • Nems de vivaneau sol e luna
    Bisque de Langouste en croûte d'amande. Lobster bisque topped with almonds puff pastryNems de vivaneau et salade japonaise, cacahuètes, curry rouge, menthe, wakame et salade. Snapper rolls and Japanese salad, peanuts, red curry, mint, seaweed and salad
    Nems de vivaneau
  • Carpaccio de thon au curry sol e luna
    Carpaccio de thon au curry, huile d'olive, cives, wakame, sauce soja. Yellowfin tuna carpaccio with red curry, olive oil, spring onion, seaweed, soy sauce
    Carpaccio de thon au curry
  • Carpaccio de Saint Jacques sol e luna
    Carpaccio de Saint Jacques, crème à la feuille de citron et yuzu. Sea scallops carpaccio with lemon leaf creamy sauce and yuzu.
    Carpaccio de Saint Jacques
  • Foie gras poêlé sol e luna
    Foie gras poêlé, pommes caramélisées, réduction balsamique. Pan-fried of Foie Gras with caramelized appels and reduction of balsamic
    Foie gras poêlé
  • Assortiment d’entrées 2 pers. sol e luna
    Assortiment d'entrées pour deux personnes. Assortment of appetizers for two persons.
    Assortiment d'entrées
  • Caviar Ultreïa sol e luna
    Caviar Ultreïa, caviar One Baeri, 50g avec Vodka. Caviar Ultreïa, One Baeri Caviar, 50g and Vodka
    Caviar Ultreïa
  • Linguini Vongole sol e luna
    Linguini Vongole, palourdes, et légumes verts, ail, vin blanc, huile d'olive, asperge, parmesan. Linguini Vongole, with clams, green vegetables, garlic, white wine, olive oil, asparagus, parmesan cheese
    Linguini Vongole
  • Conchiglionis aux fruits de mer sol e luna
    Conchiglionis aux fruits de mer, moules, saint jacques, palourdes, calamars, gambas, tomates, ail. Shell pasta with mussels, scallops, clams, calamari, jumbo shrimps, tomatoes, garlic.
    Conchiglionis aux fruits de mer
  • Grand ravioli, ricotta au basilic sol e luna
    Grand ravioli, ricotta au basilic, tomates medley, ail, cives, épinards, huile au basilic, parmesan. Large ravioli, ricotta cheese with basil, medley tomatoes, garlic, spring onion, spinach, basil oil, parmesan cheese
    Grand ravioli
  • Raviole de ris de veau sol e luna
    Raviole de ris de veau, ravioli avec shitake, foie gras et sauce aux morilles. Sweet breads sauteed in large open ravioli white shitake mushrooms,” foie gras” and morel sauce.
    Raviole de ris de veau

Main Courses

  • Loup du chili sauce thaï sol e luna
    Loup du chili sauce thaï, fenouil, bokchoi, shitake, poireaux frits. Chilian seabass with Thai sauce, fennel, bokchoi, shitake mushrooms, and fried leeks.
    Loup du chili sauce thaï
  • Pêche du jour sol e luna
    Pêche du jour. Fish of the day
    Pêche du jour
  • Gambas et Saint Jacques flambées sol e luna
    Gambas et Saint Jacques flambées, sauce brandy, asperges, endives, bokchoi. Jumbos shrimps and sea scallops flambées, with brandy sauce, asparagus, endives and bokchoi.
    Gambas et Saint Jacques flambées
  • Bourride cassolette de poissons et fruits de mer sol e luna
    Bourride cassolette de poissons et fruits de mer, sauce tomate vin blanc et crème. Stew of seafood and fishes, with tomato sauce white wine and cream. ..
    Bourride cassolette de poissons et fruits de mer
  • Thon yellowfin mi-cuit sol e luna
    Thon yellowfin mi-cuit et son risotto au chorizo, sauce soja huile d’olive. Yellowfin tuna cooked rare served with chorizo risotto, olive oil. .
    Thon yellowfin mi-cuit
  • Médaillon de veau sol e luna
    Médaillon de veau, ris de veau, cèpes, sauce morilles, foie gras poelé, légumes. Veal medallion with sweet breads, ceaps mushrooms, morel mushrooms sauce, pan fried foie gras, vegetables.
    Médaillon de veau
  • Filet de bœuf angus sauce morilles sol e luna
    Filet de bœuf angus sauce morilles Angus beef filet with morel mushrooms sauce
    Filet de bœuf angus
  • Filet de bœuf Rossini sol e luna
    Filet de bœuf angus Rossini (Foie Gras) sauce morilles Angus beef filet Rossini with foie gras, morel sauce....
    Filet de bœuf Rossini
  • Canard rôti cuit 7h sol e luna
    Canard rôti cuit 7h, légumes Asia, quenelle de purée giromon, sauce raisin et cranberries. Roasted crispy half duck with Asia vegetables, mashed potatoes, local pumpkin, grapes, and cranberries sauce.
    Canard rôti cuit 7h


  • Sphère chocolat blanc sol e luna
    Sphère chocolat blanc et déclinaison de fraises White chocolate sphere and declination of strawberries
    Sphère chocolat blanc
  • La crème brûlée sol e luna
    La crème brûlée du Sol E Luna avec son croustillant caramel praliné Sol et Luna « crème brûlée » with a caramel and praline crunchy
    La crème brûlée
  • Tuile citron meringuée sol e luna
    Tuile citron meringuée et son sorbet citron vert Lemon tart with meringue tile and a scoop of lime sorbet
    Tuile citron meringuée
  • “Le Royal” ganache chocolat noir sol e luna
    "Le Royal” ganache chocolat noir, mousse dulce vanilla, glace vanille « Le Royal » black chocolate ganache, dulce vanilla mouss and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
    "Le Royal” ganache chocolat noir
  • Parfait glace mangue abricot sol e luna
    Parfait glace mangue abricot et son coulis infusé au thym Mango and apricot « Parfait » ice cream and a thyme infusion coulis
    Parfait glace mangue abricot

Sol E Luna is open for Lunch and Dinner

download the dinner menu in PDF format by Clicking HERE



Lunch “La table du Midi” 24 € (3 courses)

Menu Caviar  : Menu-caviar

The Sol e Luna Wine Cellar

Sol e Luna has over 100 differents French great wines chosen with passion by the owners.


Château Petrus, Latour Castles, Haut Brion, great wines les grands crus de Nuits Saint Georges, les Côte Rôtie, les Montrachet, alongside names little-known or more confidential. Mingle our heart strokes… To allow you to choose the ideal food-wine agreement.


We offer once a month on request for registration with the Sol e Luna manager the wine tasting training sessions.


These are taught by Mrs. Marion LATRILLE winemaker and owner of Domaines Latrille spread over the Jolys Castle and de Jurque Castle…
During the monthly session 5 wines are tasted and accompanied by dishes prepared by our chefs in order to enhance each raw available for tasting.


A rich evening of lessons and tasting.

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